As the debate between the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) rages on, we get word of ANOTHER thing that AI might steal… besides jobs, companions, and parking spots. That is our password!

Now I know what you’re asking yourself… “Wait a minute, most of the time, you have to check that little box that says you’re not a robot! How will the robots be able to get passed that!?!?” Well, that part is pretty simple; I’m sure something like the Terminator would rip someone’s hand off, and boom, there you go!

That’s not what I’m talking about this time. Researchers at Cornell University decided, in their wisdom, to teach A.I. to steal passwords just by LISTENING to you type them (I know, the above picture shows A.I. watching... but it looked better than a picture of my ear on a phone screen). The extra scary thing is that it was hitting a 95% accuracy!

“Science - all about coulda, not about shoulda!” – Patton Oswalt

Now, getting your password hacked, and stolen using technology to do it, isn’t anything new. But teaching a robot to do it, just because that’s a little too Twilight Zone or Black Mirror for me.

I’m not sure what the pros of this type of education are, at least for practical world use, but maybe now that they know, they can figure out a way to guard against it. No matter your stance on the subject, the testing is pretty interesting. Read the full write-up at

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