In announcement via their Facebook page, organizers of the annual Chinook Fest held at Jim Sprick Community Park in Naches have, sadly, announced the cancellation of this year's concert event.
Chinook Fest founder Cody Beebe recorded and posted a video that stated what we were all dreading to hear.

In the message, Beebe talks about how the annual event that has become the pinnacle of summer for many of us in Central Washington for almost a decade because it brings people together and gives us a chance to unplug from the daily grind and remember what is most important in life. He also goes on to say that efforts are already being made to do some creative things moving forward to help replicate that and to stay tuned for more details.

This year's three-day event was scheduled for September 11th - 13th with the 2021 concert slated for September 10th - 12th. If you purchased tickets for one day or a weekend pass, camping, RV reservations, etc. they will be rolled over in to next year so be checking your email for more details on that.

For now, we at least have the memories of great times shared with friends old and new and can only look forward to next year. We'll miss you, Chinook Fest but know that you'll be back and better than ever... and WE CAN'T WAIT!

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