One of the best things that I feel Facebook has done to help my life achieve awesomeness is to connect me to the artists/celebrities that I love and admire. Even a simple "Like" by the person/group that I'm cyber-stalking this week can put me on Cloud Nine! I've had bands the likes of Godsmack, Korn, & comedians like Dave Attell & Mitch Fatel, but usually I make the first connection. Yesterday I received a private message that just blew me away! The inventor of the Sledge-O-Matic, The Hardest Working Comic in History, the one & only Gallagher!


He informed me that he is planning a tour through the area and saw how Manic Thunder Improv Troupe, which I am a member of, is performing at the 4th Street Theatre. He asked me about the venue and others and mentioned how "I have room for 1 fb friend." I of course sent the request, and bam, instant FBBFF's! Now if he has to delete me for the next person he needs info from, that's okay, I'm just happy to have this latest as "Weird Al" puts it, "Lame Claim To Fame"... I've instant messaged Gallagher!