Every Halloween you end up having a pantry full of candy you'll never touch, it's not that you hate the candy you just have a lot of it to go around. So why not donate some of that candy to a good cause?

Well lucky for us there are people in the Yakima Valley looking to brighten up the world, especially to our soldiers overseas. Some don't get to be home with their family, and they don't get to enjoy the holidays with their families, so Howards Medical Supply is looking to send care packages filled with candy and handwritten notes. We'll tell you how and where you can donate below.

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How to donate

If you're looking to donate your candy you just have to make sure it's been unopened and put it into a plastic bag. After that, you just have to drop it off with Howard Medical Supplies. In 2017 over 400,000 pounds of candy was donated to troops over sea thanks to the Operation Gratitude's Care Package Program. The candy will be sent with other items as well as hand written notes thanking the soldiers for their service.

When and where to drop off your un-eaten candy. 

In order to drop off your candy you'll have to take it to Howards Medical Supplies located at 1101 North. 16th avenue. The candy can only be dropped off during certain hours starting at 9am until 6pm. They'll also accept hand written letters, mechanical pencils, pens, tooth brushes, travel sized tooth paste, and dental floss. They'll be accepting donations until November 9th.

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