While I was going through the big old prize closet here at the radio station (and when I say prize closet, I mean storage room where things are put and forgotten about until we need something, and then we can never find it), I stumbled upon a box of candy! I was ecstatic, thinking sweet, these will be great to give away. Then I noticed the box and the movie for which this candy was a tie-in. My co-worker was curious about the expiration date. I told her they were about 5 years old. She asked if I looked (checked the expiration date). I replied, "No, I just know that Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was in theaters in 2017."


As always, this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this brand of candy or any candies. I have no idea why or how the radio station came into owning this box of candy back in 2017 and why we never gave it away while it was still fresh. And no, I don't have a side gig working for any store or candy company!

Box of Pop Rocks


Kids and adults... DO NOT EAT FOOD that has gone past its expiration date! You can get sick, possibly worse. If you ask my wife, I am a professional. (At least, she figures I am every time she says, "If you're not going to eat this thing in the fridge, I'm just gonna toss it").

Now the packaging for the candy says that the movie is coming out in July of 2017, so you know that the candy is older than that. The actual expiration on the box has the year 2020. Here we are tasting these pop rocks in 2023. How did they hold up?

Pop Rocks Box Bottom

The Valerian Pop Rocks Taste Test!

They tasted fine, the strawberry flavor was good. A little stale but not much different from a package you'd pick up at the dollar store. Am I saying that if you find expired pop Rocks, they'll be fine to eat… NO! Don't eat expired food (see above). I did not get sick, but then again, I'm a professional (according to my wife).


2nd Opinion of the Valerian Pop Rocks Taste Test!

My wife would not try them… she's not a professional (or dumb) like me.

Note, the last time I really ate & enjoyed Pop Rocks, was on July 4th, 2018 with non-expired candy! Check out the video:

Opinion on the Film Valerian & The City of a Thousand Planets!

I enjoyed the film starring Dane Dehaan (Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Cara Delevingne (Carnival Row, Only Murders In The Building). If you liked the movie 5th Element with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, you'd dig Valerian! If you want me to do a whole movie review on it, Tap the App and send me a message. Who knows, I might start writing "Radio Man, Movie Reviews!"

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