You might've seen "Captain America" walking down the freeway in Washington State over the week and the superhero is walking for a cause!

My friend Paula spotted him near Toppenish and snapped a pic with the good Captain.

credit: paula rodriquez
credit: paula rodriquez

You might be thinking why is this guy walking around in a Captain America costume but I assure you, there is a wonderful story behind the costume.

Allen Mullens is secretly "Captain America" and he's been walking across America since 2009 for great causes. Mullens is a former construction worker who decided to put his feet to work in a different way.

Mullens raises funds for VFWs, American Legions, or soldiers or people that need help. He's currently walking for retired Air Force medic MSgt. Gary Jorgens for about the past three months.

Jorgens needs a new trailer to live in so Mullens has taken it upon himself to raise funds to help accomplish those goals.

There is a Go Fund Account set-up and Mullens started his walk in Virginia and now is in Washington State.

Mullens fans have set up a Facebook page with all the details and photos of his trek.

He's been in Montana in small communities like Havre and Shelby over the last month and was spotted this week in Pullman and Clarkston.

Mullens is now headed towards Seattle and has been spotted in Granger and Toppenish, snapping photos and talking with people about his mission.

The link to his go fund me page is:

It's an awesome thing and if you spot "Captain America", give the man a hand and a donation.

You can read more about Captain America's journey here.

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