New breakfast cereals are always coming up. Companies keep finding a new flavor or alteration to a classic to keep it relevant on store shelves. The good people at Post has done something unique by adding something to your cereal bowl that hasn't been introduced, yet, by this convenient method. Post Chicken and Waffle cereal and Maple Bacon Donuts cereal. I tried them both.

Both are variations of their popular Honey Bunches of Oats brand with a little something extra added. Chicken and Waffles has waffle-shaped maple pieces of cereal and what looks like tiny chicken drumsticks that have a bit of a salty taste to them. It makes for an interesting combination. Not bad, but not great.

The Maple Bacon Donuts cereal, however, were even a little too odd for me. The donut pieces had a salty, smokey flavoring that I didn't care for at all. Great when it's natural like in real bacon, but when it's faked it just tastes like smokey salt. Not good for cereal.

Both of these were available at Walmart.

I still applaud them for trying something new to cereal like this but, when in doubt, I'd rather just grab a box of Frosted Flakes.

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