The Nintendo Game Boy came out 30 years ago and just about changed my life forever.

First of all, props to Jet City Cakes for this awesome Game Boy cake at a wedding I attended over the weekend. It looked and tasted wonderful.

So the Game Boy came out in 1989. Right at the height of my love for Nintendo and Nintendo games. I remember going on family vacations and wanting to bring my NES with us so I could play Nintendo games while we were at the beach or wherever we happen to be. That request would always be denied.

When the Game Boy came out, it was perfect. I could play my games in the car on the boring drives to wherever we were going. Problem was, this was during a time when Game Boy systems didn't have a backlight display. Imaging using your smart phone, but having to aim it directly at a light source like a lamp to see the screen. It was like that.

It was also when I found out I had motion sickness if I look at anything else while I'm in the car, like reading a book. I couldn't play video games too long before getting carsick.

Over the years we've had several upgrades to the current Nintendo Switch, which acts as both a portable and home console. And it all started with the Game Boy.

A few years ago I helped my YouTube buddy do a video about some great Game Boy games. Check it out if you'd like and keep on gaming!

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