I like cheese on everything. My burgers, my sandwiches, my crackers - if there's an option for cheese I'm all for it. That's why I was so excited to hear Yakima was getting a restaurant where cheese would be the key ingredient to so many dishes. I stopped by there for the first time and this one stood out to me on the menu.

Waffely Good Burger. It's a burger with crisp bacon and cheese but the gimmick is in the bun. The bun is made of macaroni and cheese that's been pressed by a waffle iron. I never thought of anything like this but had to at least try it.

Believe it or not, it was pretty good! The bun didn't really even feel like mac 'n' cheese. It gave it a unique look and flavor overall. I'm all for it!

There's plenty of other options to get at Cheese Junkies that will bring me back sooner than later but for my first time there, I'm glad I ordered this. I'd get it again eventually. Gotta try the other stuff, too.

You can try one for yourself at Cheese Junkies off 16th and Summitview (next to 7-Eleven). They also do Door Dash.

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