This has got to be the worst thing since UN-sliced bread! As if we haven't had enough cheese recalls, here's another one to add to the bunch. This time, people have been ill in four states, including some being hospitalized.

Beginning mid-January, we got word from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about a massive Cotija Cheese recall and it's expanded reach due to possible Listeria Monocytogenes contamination.Now another recall dealing with most everyone's favorite food, NOT RELATED to the previous recall.

There has been an outbreak of E. coli infections in 4 states linked to contaminated Raw Cheddar Cheese produced by Raw Farm LLC. As of February 16,, 2024, there have been a total of 10 confirmed infections. The cheese has been sold nationwide, but the infected cases have been in California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah.

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Raw Farms LLC has initiated a recall of certain products while the FDA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) continue their investigation.

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Raw Farm: Raw Cheddar, Original Flavor (all sizes of blocks as well as packages of shredded cheese)

Raw Farm: Raw Cheddar with Jalapeno Flavor (all sizes of blocks as well as packages of shredded cheese).

More product pictures and information HERE.

While the investigation is on-going, officials warn the public to not eat, sell, or serve the recalled products of cheese. Dispose of it and sanitize any areas that the unpackaged food may have come into contact with.

What Are The Symptoms of E. Coli?

The E.Coli bacteria can hit people in different ways. The Cleveland Clinic has all the information on how serious it can be. Some symptoms to keep in mind are:

Low Fever
Loss of Appetite
Nausea / Vomiting
Stomach Pains / Cramps

Symptoms can last from 5 to 7 days but if they last any longer seek medical help.

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