I have seen some crazy things while I have been camping throughout my life!My mom used to work for the forest service in Uinta County in Wyoming! My whole family while I was growing up went hunting fishing and camping constantly. We were always in the great outdoors. Yellowstone was probably our favorite to go to!

While we were camping I used to watch my mom go around in the campgrounds with a garbage bag and pick up other peoples stuff. When I was a kiddo I really didn't get it. She would fill at least two of them during our trips.

I get her now! I do the same thing. Only now in this day and age people are bigger pigs than they were back in the day. It breaks my heart when I walked to a camping site that would be amazing to camp at and I come across that crap that you see in the these photo's! It pisses me right the heck off!

Why do people treat the land like this! Throw there garbage and then just drive away. I wish I could catch them in the act but pigs like this skate away quickly!

Also under the under pass on the Naches river stupid people have tagged the bridges! It looks like gangster ville under there. Who gives a crap what your freaking tags say! Stop doing it. Make a statement that makes a difference in life and not your spray paint can! `End Rant