I'm sure by now you've heard, the fire crews did their part and now Highway 410 is open to through traffic.

Officials reopened Chinook Pass on Thursday, which is the first time traffic has been able to move in both directions in several weeks.

Fire crews are completing operations along the highway, so drive cautiously as fire crews will be monitoring areas along the highway.

Of course, the crews got a lot of help from rain and snow passing through the area.

Temperatures have dropped below normal for this time of fall, with winds coming from the north.

Last week we learned that we will likely get another winter full of ice and snow, much like last year.

So, while we celebrate the clean air in town and the ability to take the "scenic route" to Auburn, we do have to wonder how long the pass will remain open.

The good new is though, it won't be because of the Norse Peak Fire, but a whole lot of early season snow.

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