This weekend we had some funny stuff happening. Comedian Eric Schwartz came back to Perham Hall in Zillah to crush the comedy scene -- and he fully delivered.

I wanted to first thank Sol from She Bully Marketing and Entertainment for finding this man and bringing him to Washington state. His comedy is smart, and having had the opportunity to host for him twice now, it was such a pleasure. He is just getting better and better.

Did you know he is about to head back on tour with Jo Koi -- a world tour. Yes, people, do not sleep on this man.

Our local openers Danny, Timmy (from 94.5 KATS) and Anthony were fantastic, and our special drink for the night the Oh ****! did wonders, yes? :)

To the crowd, you were everything a host could ask for, so if you have pictures you would like to add -- because that photo booth was too cool! -- I would love to throw them into our gallery. Xander, thank you for the photos and to Eric, good luck on your upcoming tour.

We cannot wait until you join us again. If you missed out below is the song he wrote just for us :)

Until then we will have to watch Eric's brand-new podcast that drops this Friday (Nov. 29) called "Podcast: The Musical." Here's the breakdown

where I interview amazing guests from comedy, music, entertainment and beyond, then transform our conversation into a musical.

Can't wait to sing along

Comedian Eric Schwartz

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