In the ongoing debate on snow removal and landscaping tools and equipment, there are two major camps on the matter. Gas-powered versus electric. Which side are you on? Each has pros and cons, but the one avenue that has not been discussed is the efficiency of "soapy water."

I think it is safe to say that soapy water can not stack up when it comes to the power of an electric battery or gas-powered equipment. Yes, gas-powered vehicles can harm the environment, and batteries can take forever to charge and must be handled with special care. But when it comes to soapy water, the kind that the Bubble Mower (pictured) runs on, there is really no downside... except the obvious.

Toy bubble mower in the snow

Bubble Mowers can't move snow, and they do a "crap job" when cutting the grass. What do they do correctly? Blow bubbles, help people walk, and entertain. That is it.

That being said, the bubble mower is (for the most part) waterproof, so you might think that it would do okay in the snow, and if you are able to fasten a type of shovel to the front of one, you could have a fun and creative man powered snow plow. But, as you can see from the photo, no shovel is attached.

Love 'em or hate 'em, the bubble mowers are built tough and will most likely come out of this harsh winter just fine. So the next time you debate over gas-powered vs electric, remember the power of soapy water. The mowers that run on it are built to last, as will the bubbles it creates  (until they touch something and pop).

a toy bubble mower surrounded by snow.
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