If the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore shows up in your neighborhood, its best to take cover.

The senior field reporter is never afraid to go directly into the eye of the storm no matter wherever, whenever.  His passion for, well, weather, was never on display more than earlier this morning while covering the massive snowstorm Neptune currently pounding the New England states.

Cantore had the camera rolling when, not one, but six episodes of what is known as "Thundersnow" occurred.  Thundersnow is, apparently, a very rare occurrence which is why Cantore equated it to winning the lottery.  Following the fourth lightning strike during the middle of a furious snowstorm,  Cantore shouted at the top of his lungs, "YOU CAN HAVE YOUR 500 MILLION DOLLAR JACKPOT IN POWERBALL OR WHATEVER THE HECK IT WAS, BUT I'LL TAKE THIS BABY!"

If anything, I think we can all appreciate the fact that this man is, most indeed, passionate about his job!

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