You can do your best to stay safe in any environment. Sometimes you just can't control your surroundings. Sadly for many places, it's the neighborhoods that you've grown up in that take a turn for the shady. Many reasons are the cause of the downhill slide. Addiction, poverty, stress, and people just feeling like they're at their wit's end can all be causes. When the people who live there have their lives changed, their surroundings can change. What can you do? Moving is always an option, but not ideal for many people. So that brings us back to the initial question. What can you do?

What Can You Do To Stay Safe In Portland?

What can you do to be safe in Portland, let alone anywhere you might be? Be aware of your surroundings. Protect yourself. Travel or stay with a group of people you trust. Avoid certain areas if you can. If you can't, then it goes back to the first thing I mentioned, be aware. Know the layout of the land and neighborhoods before you go. If you're in the Portland area, below is a list of neighborhoods with higher crime rates. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of great people living in these communities, just that the statistics and reports say there are some bad people in those areas as well.

How Is The Danger Level For Portland, Oregon Ranked?

According to, these findings are based on the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people in each of the neighborhoods. The results are also compared to the crime average of Portland. These are estimates so far in 2022.

10: Brentwood-Darlington at 34% more crime than the Portland average.

9: Old Town-Chinatown at 34% more crime than the Portland average.

8: Hazelwood at 36% more crime than the Portland average.

7: Parkrose at 36% more crime than the Portland average.

6: Mill Park at 37% more crime than the Portland average.

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5: Bridgeton at 39% more crime than the Portland average.

4: Lents at 42% more crime than the Portland average.

3: Powellhurst at 46% more crime than the Portland average.

2: Centennial at 49% more crime than the Portland average.

1: Sunderland at 55% more crime than the Portland average.


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Other Sources For The Crime Rate in Portland, Oregon

While looking into this topic, I found two maps that were very helpful. For a basic map showing which neighborhoods are the safest, as well as the areas you want to be weary in, was an interesting site to check out. If you are more curious about crime statistics in the neighborhoods, check out City of Portland's Police Bureau's Monthly Neighborhood Offense Statistics here. This is indeed another great resource.

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