The following post contains SPOILERS for Dark Phoenix and also every single issue of X-Force that features Adam-X, the X-Treme. Huge Adam-X, the X-Treme SPOILERS ahead.

If Dark Phoenix is the final film in the first X-Men movie series, then it is a fitting sendoff. It begins with several callbacks to the very first X-Men from the year 2000, and ends with a scene that directly mirrors the last scene from that same film. In between, there are many homages to Marvel Comics lore (Magneto’s island nation!), the original “Dark Phoenix Saga” (the D’Bari!) and to the previous X-Men movies. (Anyone up for some chess?) Here are 15 of the coolest Marvel and X-Men references in Dark Phoenix. To me, my X-Men Easter eggs!

Gallery — Every X-Men Movie Ranked:

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