The X-Men swear to protect a world that hates and fears them. They never promised things would always make sense while they did it.

Any franchise that’s been around as long as the X-Men — a dozen movies over nearly two decades from 2000’s X-Men to 2019’s Dark Phoenix — is bound to run into a few plot holes. But Marvel’s mighty mutants have had way more than their fair share of logic gaps and continuity errors. The turning point came when the series went back in time, introducing younger versions of popular characters like Professor Xavier and Magneto in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. Then things got really wacky when each successive sequel jumped a decade ahead, and began reintroducing new versions of familiar characters. At that point, it all kind of fell apart.

As Fox’s X-Men ride off into the sunset, we look at back at some of their most egregious plot holes. In some cases, we tried to offer explanations for these boo-boos. But like Jean Grey after she comes in contact with the Phoenix force, some are almost impossible to save.

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