Yesterday, December 7th, was Pearl Harbor Day - a date which will live in infamy, according to then-president Franklin Roosevelt.

Today is also an infamous day in the history of rock and roll.
Eleven years ago, one of the greatest metal guitarists - "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of Pantera and Damageplan fame - was murder in cold blood while performing onstage.  From Dimebag's Wiki page:
On December 8, 2004, Abbott was shot onstage while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. Moments into the band's set, 25-year-old former marine, Nathan Gale, using a 9 mm Beretta 92FS pistol, shot Abbott three times in the head, killing him instantly. Some in attendance initially believed the shooting was part of the act, but as Gale continued shooting, the audience quickly came to the realization that the event was not staged. Having fired a total of fifteen shots, Gale killed a total of four people while wounding seven others.

It was also 35 years ago today in 1980, that the world was shocked to hear of the death of ex-Beatle John Lennon.

The news was broke to a live nationwide audience by the legendary Howard Cosell on ABC's Monday Night Football.

From Lennon's Wikipedia page: At around 10:50 pm on 8 December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment in the Dakota, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building. Lennon was taken to the emergency room of nearby Roosevelt Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm. Earlier that evening, Lennon had autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman.

Here is how the world got the news: