Did I miss the memo? Did a law get passed saying that is now mandatory to have a big-assed "WELCOME" sign on your front porch? If not, you sure could have fooled me!
Yesterday I took some snaps around my house in Moxee. It's a relatively new residential housing development so the pride of ownership is definitely evident. None more evidenced than by fact of the propensity of these signs that, seemingly, dot every other dwelling in my 'hood.

I, quite literally, drove around just two blocks and found no less than 15 of these ginormous things on the front porches of my neighbor's properties. When did this become a thing? Is it a status symbol? A fad? A cult? A secret society that I'm not a part of? Am I being a jerk by not being more demonstrative in welcoming folks to my house? (Ed. note: anxiety sucks)

I don't know but I can tell you this: my neighborhood HAS to be the most welcoming in the Yakima Valley! Oh, and we obviously dig Halloween out in East Valley!

Welcome signs in Moxee

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