In memoriam: Dick Trickle

As a youngster, I spent hours collecting trading cards from various sports. When I got older, I soon realized that these were basically pictures of grown men I was carrying around in my wallet. Not good. I hung on to my collection with the thought of passing them on to my son someday. Recently, I went through them and had to explain to my son why I was laughing so hard at some more than others. I think you'll see why.

  • Boobie Clark

  • Peter LaCock

    Peter LaCock's father had the foresight to change his name before becoming famous. If you are a fan of old school T.V. game shows, you'll remember his dad as the host of the original "Hollywood Squares" - Peter Marshall

  • Chubby Cox

    CBA Museum
  • Fair Hooker

  • Johnny Dickshot
  • Stubby Clapp
  • Dick Trickle
  • Dick Pole

    Had a brief stint with the Seattle Mariners.

    Total Pro Sports
  • Rusty Kuntz

    Although correctly pronounced "coonts," looking at this card still makes milk shoot out of my nose. He, too, also spent time as a coach with the Seattle Mariners. Do you think his wife kept her maiden name?

  • Dick Shiner

    I suppose I'd rather this be my name than my job description.