A driver in Kennewick slammed into the Safeway on George Washington Way yesterday morning at about 8 AM. The driver after the accident claims to be legally blind and Kennewick Police are investigating the incident.   

Luckily no one was hurt according to reports from the Kennewick Police Department.

KPD posted the incident on their Facebook page:

Today at about 8:00 am, Kennewick officers responded to a single-vehicle versus building collision, which occurred at 2825 W. Kennewick Ave (Safeway). Officers observed a GMC Suburban, driven by Christian Searcy (62), stopped with the front of the vehicle blocking the entrance to the west doors of the business.

Several plants, that were for sale near the entryway, had been damaged during the collision. The front of the vehicle had slightly hit the concrete base of one of the support pillars near the entrance.

Searcy was the only occupant of the vehicle and was still sitting in the driver`s seat when officers arrived.

Searcy who Identified himself as being blind, had stayed the night in the parking lot, in the vehicle. This morning he was not feeling comfortable at the location and decided to find a new location.

As he tried to drive the vehicle, he crashed into the door due to him not being able to see where he was going.

Searcy was cited for Driving While License Suspended and identified as the at-fault driver for the accident.

credit: kennewick police
credit: kennewick police
credit: kennewick police
credit: kennewick police

It looks like the truck received more damage than the building but it must've been a shock to the shoppers inside to hear a huge thud! You can check out more details on the accident here.

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