Wanna get ripped AND take selfies? What about Candy Crushing those calories? Well, leave it to the land of ninjas to help you get ripped with the "Macho Case!" Softbank, a telecom company in Japan, has created the iPhone X case that'll help your gym game because its claim to fame is being the heaviest phone case in the world! It's a 10kg (about 22 pounds) dumbbell that holds your phone, so every time you work on your biceps you can see how your fantasy league is doing.

Sturdy just like an actual dumbbell, it's made of iron, polycarbonate and TPU materials, so you can throw your new $100 phone case down on the ground while screaming and momentarily freaking out remembering your $1,000+ iPhone X is still attached.

What about when you're not working out? Well, never fear, the phone can come out of the case with ease and the case can serve normal dumbbell uses -- replacement hammer, doorstop, small boat anchor, etc.




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