When it comes to phones, I also get a protective case, just to be safe. I also pay the extra money for insurance! I know that I can get angry and fling a phone across the room with the best of them. But still, I have been surprised by how much of a beating those phones CAN TAKE (not that I have purposefully tried, but you know, life happens).

During COVID, I made a joke video about how to properly clean your phone to protect you from the virus. I was quite surprised how I was able to do 4 takes on the same phone before it started having problems. Check the video out below.

I'm sure you've seen advertisements for the latest iPhone, with the TV commercials showing how it came from a meteor and is the toughest phone yet. It turns out the new Titanium iPhone 15 may not be all it's cracked up to be! Well, maybe "crack" was the wrong word to use.


A YouTuber has shown that the new phone doesn't handle a stress bend or drop all that well. Yeah, he is able to crack it with his own hands!

Man's hands breaking a new iphone

This isn't YouTuber, JerryRigEverything's first time having fun with phones. He has a series of videos dealing with assembly and destruction of these things. It still blows my mind how effortless it seems to crack. How much money is down the drain? Check out the video below, and if you do get the new phone... I recommend a protective case, insurance, and a lifetime's worth of bubble wrap!

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