I'm a huge fan of eBay. I can find items from my childhood, get parts for something I'm fixing or import items we don't have available in America all in one place. Although eBay has changed the landscape on how we bid in auctions and, in some cases, changed the value of rare items like baseball cards and antiques, there are hundreds of thousands of eBay listings that nobody buys all because someone posted an item and misspelled the words you would be searching for.

Fortunately, there's a website that searches for all of the misspellings for you!

Our friends at FatFingers have made a search tool where you type in what you're looking for and it pops open eBay with a search for all of the misspellings of that word. If you're searching for Nintendo, you'll find searches for Nintindo, Nintndo, Nintenod and just about every other way you would ruin that word.

I'd suggest using this search first as you might be able to find an item for a phenomenal price as people might not be able to find it.


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