One of the best things that I feel Facebook has done to help my life achieve awesomeness is to connect me to the artists/celebrities that I love and admire. Even a simple "Like" by the person/group that I'm cyber-stalking this week can put me on Cloud Nine! I've had bands the likes of Godsmack, Korn and comedians like Dave Attell & Mitch Fatel, and back a couple of months ago, '80's iconic comedian Gallagher. Earlier this week I had a celebrity that I've followed and loved ever since I saw her stripping down in the movie "Howard Stern's Private Parts." The one and only Jenna Jameson!


Yes, it was only "Heart" on a comment I left, but it made my day. Ask my friends, wife, TODD ... Jenna has been a crush of mine for over 20 years. She has retired from the pornography industry to focus on her family, and as a way of moving on, she's been auctioning off items on eBay. Well she posted about an autographed copy of "HIGH TIMES" magazine that she graced the cover of. Well, when you spend most of your time with younglings, you're bound to make typos, including renaming your High Times magazine, "Highlights" as in "Highlights for children". I saw it and it made me LOL... out loud. I made a comment, and she loved it. I was super happy, and like all starstruck fan boys do, I made a comment thanking her for her acknowledgement. Sure enough, she "loved" my thank you.

FB Screen Grab/TSM/Timmy!

So with two hearts from my goddess... I guess you could say it's kinda serious. Thank you Jenna!

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