I've told you many times about my comic addiction. I could after all be spending my money on crack. But nope, I spend it on comics, even on the weirder finds. Even when some of my friends flip me crap about it, I point out, that these books have just as much of a chance as their cryptocurrency in becoming worth a butt-load of money!

Well, I won a comic off of Ebay, and just received it in the mail yesterday. When my wife saw it, she wasn't as impressed as I was. The main reason is, "saving money". Trying to pay off bills, etc. Now keep in mind, my wife is wonderful, and she barley ever tells me I can't get something. She knows how currently I'm working 3 jobs (one full, two part time), so why not buy something stupid, and she wasn't mad at me (as far as I could tell) but her eyes did roll back in her head. I then asked my pocket pal during the "Tough Love with Siri & Alexa" segment this morning during the Todd & Timmy Show. My phone summed it up, I can't save money because I buy stupid stuff. Well, at least if I'm buying stupid stuff, I'm getting good deals on it!

tsm/Timmy! Zenescope
tsm/Timmy! Zenescope

This steel from ebay only cost me $20. It's rated a 9.4 by CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) 9.4 (10 is the highest it goes). Some may think that this is a waste. When I showed my comic buddy Chris (the one who takes me on the Comic Crawls), he said "No Judgement. You spent less on that than it cost to submit it so, win for you!" I agree with him, considering that it costs normally around $30 to even get something graded and sealed, I consider this a steal. Is this copy of Robyn Hood: I Love NY #1 variant cover from Zenescope even worth $20 if it had not been graded? Maybe not... am I sad, that I dropped hard earned money on a book that I cannot read, and I can not proudly display in my house (besides my nerd room)... the short answer... NO!

Want to know more about this version of Robyn Hood?

If you're seeing that cover, and going, "Hmmm, that might be a fun take on a classic character, I'm sold!" Well, watch this pretty high budget fan film that's Zenescope approved and is pretty true to the feel of the comic! It's below!


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