Bay Area thrash legends Exodus played back-to-back sold out shows at one of San Francisco's most intimate venues this past weekend, delivering a pair of special performances that only made sense to perform on their home turf.

Night one at The Chapel featured the current Exodus lineup who were ready to dish out their classic debut, Bonded by Blood, in its entirety. Disappointment was not an option as this set consisted of new and old fan-favorites before it came time for those in attendance to bang their head against the stage as metal takes it place! As if the buzzing energy of seeing this masterpiece played in full was not enough, it was also singer Steve "Zetro" Souza's first headlining show with Exodus in the Bay Area since he rejoined the group in 2014.

The set also featured a small surprise as ex-frontman Rob Dukes made his way onstage for a brief cameo, previewing what the following night had in store.

Night two began with a handful of songs from the same lineup as the previous night, tearing through surging tracks like "The Last Act of Defiance" and the mid-tempo bruiser "Blacklist." By the seventh song, it was time for the onstage reunions as former guitarist Rick Hunolt (who played on every Exodus albums through 2004's Tempo of the Damned) joined the thrashers for "Cajun Hell" and a lot more, trading licks with Gary Holt like the old days.

Following it up with "War Is My Shepherd," current live axeman Kragen Lum was the next to join in on the fun, swapping his guitar for a bass. It was a rare moment to catch both Lum and Holt sharing the stage as Lum only plays guitar with the group when Holt is unable to hit the road with Exodus due to his commitment with Slayer.

The twelfth song of the set finally saw Dukes take the mic, ending the recent war of words between him and the band over how his exit unfolded as Zetro returned. He sounded great just like his nearly decade-long reign as Exodus' frontman, tearing through "Death Amphetamine" (with Paul Bostaph on drums, marking yet another reunion), "Iconoclasm," "Children of a Worthless God," "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" and "Deliver Us to Evil."

When it came time to close out the historic back-to-back shows, Exodus found it fitting to bring everyone out onstage together for a massive jam on the pit-happy "The Toxic Waltz" and Bonded By Blood favorite "Strike of the Beast." Throughout the second night especially, friendly vibes were in the air as band members hugged it out onstage, smiles aplenty. For those in attendance both young and old, Exodus proved that you can indeed go back in time.

Check out both nights of the action in the photo gallery above and see the set lists from both nights below!

Exodus Set List — July 7, 2017

01. "Scar Spangled Banner"
02. "Blood In, Blood Out"
03. "Deranged"
04. "Fabulous Disaster"
05. "Blacklist"
06. "Pleasures of the Flesh"
07. "War Is My Shepherd"
08. "The Toxic Waltz"
09. "Bonded by Blood"
10. "Exodus"
11. "And Then There Were None"
12. "A Lesson in Violence"
13. "Metal Command"
14. "Piranha"
15. "No Love"
16. "Deliver Us to Evil"
17. "Strike of the Beast"

Exodus Set List — July 8, 2017

01. "The Last Act of Defiance"
02. "Exodus"
03. "Piranha"
04. "Blacklist"
05. "Pleasures of the Flesh"
06. "Bonded by Blood"
07. "Cajun Hell" (Rick Hunolt on guitar)
08. "War Is My Shepherd" (Rick Hunolt on guitar, Kragen Lum on bass)
09. "Metal Command" (Rick Hunolt on guitar)
10. "Only Death Decides" (Rick Hunolt on guitar)
11. "Body Harvest" (Kragen Lum on guitar)
12. "The Ballad of Leonard and Charles" (Rob Dukes on vocals)
13. "Children of a Worthless God" (Rob Dukes on vocals)
14. "Iconoclasm" (Rob Dukes on vocals)
15. "Deliver Us to Evil" (Rob Dukes on vocals)
16. "Deathamphetamine" (Paul Bostaph on drums, Rob Dukes on vocals)
17. "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" (Paul Bostaph on drums, Rob Dukes on vocals)
18. "The Toxic Waltz" (everyone joining in)
19. "Strike of the Beast" (everyone joining in)

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