Last week when Facebook & other social media sites went down, many of us didn't know what to do with our time. Some said "oh well" and carried on with the day. Others picked up a book. I'm sure put the phone down and focused on driving. Others, I'm sure, were traumatized. Not sure where to go to politic bash or check their "like" status. Others, remained calm and decided to take the down time to perk things up by going to PornHub.

During the outage, PornHub reported a massive spike in users & views! Stats show that immediate visits were up by 11% and erected to 19% above average for the day. While that's not all that unusual. What was weird, was what people searched for. A 221% jump for the search of "Facebook." Yes, people went to PornHub and searched for "facebook" in the search field... looking for Facebook porn videos. Searches for "Instagram" was at a 323% spike. I guess we are really addicted to our social media... so much we want to copulate with it.

Spider-Man XXX Porn Parody

Other searches that rose in popularity during the outage:
"Tentacle porn" -  221% (don't look it up)
"Game" - 236%,
"WWE" - 274%
"Marvel" - 129%
"Overwatch" - 133%
"Football" - 108%
"Fortnite" - 97%

No matter what you did during the social media crisis, just know for the next time, Porn is there for you, with nonjudgmental open arms.

porn star American flag bikini


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