Some people like it when we change our clocks twice a year. Those people are called 9 Volt Battery Company Owners! Why do I say that? Well, I've long believed that time change was invented by the 9V companies to get us to buy more batteries for our fire alarms. "Oh thanks, my house would have burned down an hour later if it wasn't for you!" Yes, that is meant as a joke, smoke detectors are very important, but what I feel isn't important any more, TIME CHANGE! Yes it was originally made to help with farmers, but with technology, is it even needed anymore? Plus think about the stress on not only us humans, but all the animals (farm animals). Do you think Bessie likes to be milked an hour earlier? (I assume.) Nope! Luckily, I'm not alone in my dislike of the time change as we can see, thanks to the fine folks at Nacho Punch/The Station Maker, we can now enjoy "Daylight Saving: The Movie!" Check out the trailer below.

Now I know, what you're thinking, sweet, the theaters are starting to open back up, I can't wait to see this! Well, sadly it's a fake movie, but don't worry, the same fine folks created a fake sequel that deals with... you guessed, Spring Forward! If you're like many and hate the time change, there still is the Petition to abolish the times of year that we mess with the clocks and give our hard earned money to energizer! Please sign it... please.

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