According to one tweet I saw posted on my cousin's feed, "2020 is the perfect year to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Just rip the band-aid off wile we're all home confused as hell anyway." These words were written by a fellow named Randy Zwitch, and all I can say is... he's not wrong. Everything is in such a weird flux right now, why not? I mean think about it, March 2020, when everything seemed to to start going down the drain, was just a short 16 years ago! At least that's how it seems. Let's just make another big change, especially since people are already being conditioned for the "new normal" let's just make a single time and be done with it. When we go and set our clocks back on October 31st/November 1st, lets do it and never mention it again!

It was said that back in the day, it use to help farmers, but the actual reason was to save energy on artificial light. I started going down the rabbit hole about how Daylight Savings is a conspiracy by the 9V battery companies to get us to purchase their products. What's the biggest thing you use 9V batteries for? Smoke detectors! How often do you check/change them? Twice a year, when you change your clocks!. Yes this is all a joke, "thanks daylight savings time, my house could have burned down an hour sooner!" The other thought I had was that we should just all change by a half hour and split the difference. No one ever seems to like that idea.

But on a serious, not so serious note,I'm not the only one who thinks that the time change needs to be done with. Even experts are saying how it's a massive strain on our bodies and has caused accidents, all because of the time change. Earlier this year, there was talks about doing away with daylight savings in Washington state, but with COVID-19 and everything else, those discussions have faded from attention. Well now, not one, not two, BUT THREE different petition sites have popped up. has two petitions going right now, "Eliminate Daylight-Savings Time"  & "Abolish Daylight Savings Time". The other one that I have found is from  and it's simply called "End Daylight Savings Time". If you think the time has come to stop messing with time, sign one or all three!


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