Since Kevin Clash resigned as the voice of Elmo, I'm sure they're not going to retire the character on Sesame Street. His voice should be easy enough to imitate so who's going to take over as the voice of Elmo? Here are a few suggestions.

Billy West

Voice of half of Futurama (Fry, The Professor, ect.) as well as both Ren and Stimpy and so many more.
Simply put, in my opinion, he's one of the best voice actors on the market and has been doing unique voices for years. He'd make a great Elmo.

Charles Martinet

Voice of Super Mario
Although Mario is his biggest claim to fame, Mario does have that unnatural voice, especially for a plummer. He may be worthy of carrying on the Elmo legacy.

Tom Kenny

Voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, Ice King and more.
Tom Kenny is multiversitle in all of the characters he can do. He's the voice of SpongeBob, I know he can pull of a decent Elmo.

Justin Timberlake

He can sing and, if you've seen SNL, he can certainly entertain. Many of his songs feature his high-pitched voice. It'd be fun to hear Elmo sing, only have his songs become #1 hits.

John Riggs

Hey, why not? I have a falsetto, I can do that voice decent enough, I could use the gig. C'mon, Jim Henson Productions, give me an audition!

Who else did we leave off the list? Tell us below.

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