We all think the public school system is dropping the ball in one way or another when it comes to the youth of America. Most people would address the school system or attend PTA meetings, but not 34-year-old Nathan Edward Thompson! He took his strong views of the world straight to the kids, bypassing any security, teacher or administration -- all to teach the little ones that the world is really flat.

Last month, Thompson (from Coto de Caza, Calif.) approached students on the Hollis Academy playground in Greenville. Video that he took shows how he reached over the fence, dropping fliers and yelling, "Space is fake! You're not on a spinning ball!"

After seeing the disturbance, an elementary school teacher ushered the students away from Thompson, all while the "FLAT EARTH" sweatshirt wearing Thompson states "Listen, guys, they're going to teach you you live on a spinning ball - that doesn't make it true. It's not real. The floor is not moving a thousand miles an hour."

Thompson was arrested by Greenville County deputies later that same day and charged with public disorderly conduct. Thompson stated to the Greenville news that he was walking his dog when he saw the children and decided to practice his first amendment rights. One child can be heard on the video yelling out, "Are you crazy?" The video shows Thompson eventually walking off before approaching two ladies to hand them fliers, only to have the women run away. He comments how they were probably scared of his dog.

Thompson  has apparently been traveling all over the country for the past three years, organizing conferences and spreading the idea that the Earth is flat.



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