• In response to Secretary Tom Vilsack's remarks Wednesday regarding the state of fire protection under the U.S. Forest Service, some groups spoke out for private land owners across the country.

    American Forest Foundation Executive Vice President Rita Hite told reporters, “This isn’t just a Western issue.” Further, she mentioned that when Forest Service funds shift west, eastern area’s miss out on funding for things like fighting invasive pest and diseases. That would leave the groups to conclude that private forest landowners, many of whom live in the east and also farm, need a change in funding for fighting forest fires just as much as the national forests in the west.

  • After banning food and agriculture imports Russia is seeking alternate markets for the country that imports 40 percent of its food.

    Over the past week the Russian veterinary and food safety authority has approved several food processing operations in Chile and Brazil for export to the Russian Federation. The move could be a boon for exporters in those countries, but not good for Europe, where the Russian embargo is starting to hit home.

    The European Commission has introduced support measures for certain perishable fruits and vegetables this week.

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