In case you needed another reason to not go out side, here comes a story from Russia! As heard earlier this week on The Todd & Timmy Show's Daily Dose of WTF segment, a lady from a Levashi, a village in Dagestan (located in southern Russia) decided to take a nap in her garden. She awoke when she started having problems breathing. She was rushed to the hospital where according to the DailyMail, she was put to sleep and had tests performed on her. While doing an endoscopy procedure, they found something deep in her throat and attempted to pull it out.

What emerged was a 121cm (3 feet, 9 inches) snake. The horrifying video (which you can see below, but warning... it's gross) you can see a female medic grabbing the snake as it's pulled from the woman's mouth, covered in mucus. The reptile is then dropped into a bucket. No idea if the snake is still alive, as you can see that the end that last came out of the woman starts to coil. Could just be nerves or the natural muscles of the snake, if indeed that is what it is.

The video has raised many questions, even some guessing that it's not a snake at all, but a parasite or giant worm, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is moving. Most agree that it is too large to be a normal parasite.

The whole situation is now under investigation after The Ministry of Health in the Republic of Dagestan witnessed the video. Even the chief doctor at the facility where this allegedly went down had no knowledge of the procedure taking place. Two things are for sure, one, I will never take a nap in a garden. And two, the unnamed lady will start sleeping with her mouth closed.

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