For the first time since 1990, the month of June will not bring professional baseball to the Yakima Valley.
The Yakima Bears Baseball Club, unable to work out a new stadium deal with the county, were forced to move to Hillsboro, Oregon - a 30 minute drive west of Portland.

The Hops, as they have been renamed, opened the N.W.L. campaign on the road in Salem, OR dropping their first three contests by a combined score of 18-12.

As is pro ball, many of last years Yakima Bears have been moved up, down or out of the minor leagues altogether.  The Hops do have around a half dozen or so players who were on the 2012 Yakima Bears Club, including Manager Audo Vicente and pitching coach and former Cy young award-winner Doug Drabek.

Pictured below in their new hometown unis are former Bears Blake Perry (left) and Joe Loftus.