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Baseball Stadium D.J. Ejected From Game
If you've listened to my (alleged) show for any time at all, then you most likely know for that the last 15-plus years, I moonlight in the summer as the P.A. announcer/D.J. for the Yakima Bears at County Stadium.
The job requires not only announcing batters as the come to home plate, but to try and a…
Yakima Bears Offer Summer Jobs
Times are tough.  The economy sucks.  Unemployment is, like..  Eleventy brazillion percent.
If you are looking for an extra source of income, are unemployed or underemployed, or maybe a student returning to Yakima for the Summer, the Yakima Bears Baseball Club may have the opportunity …
Yakima Bears Set To Come Out Of Hibernation For 23rd (Final?) Season
After a tumultuous offseason, the Yakima Bears are counting down to their 23rd season in town.
            “We’re focused on 2012,” said General Manager K.L. Wombacher who also indicated that the team’s energy is aimed towards a successful season.
            WIth the spectre of moving to Vancouver an…