It is not often that I look in the "FREE" section on Yakima's Craigslist, but this morning I came across this add for a "FREE HOUSE" and instantly wanted to get it.

It appears as though this post is at least two months old, so there's a chance it is no longer available. If you have been wanting to own your own tiny home, however, it might be worth your time to look into this!

Today could be your lucky day!

This "free house" is definitely a "fixer-upper", but with a little love (and a lot of dough), you could soon be living the high life in your new cozy abode located just off of West Nob Hill Blvd and South 18th Street.

Word of caution: Before you get too excited about accepting any offers of any "free home", it would behoove you to contact a title company and verify if the "seller" has full ownership of the home's deed, and find out if there are any liens on the home/property. If you fail to do this, you could be forced to jump through some hoops at the County Assessor's office and possibly come face to face with some creditors!

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