When someone enlists in the U.S Military they give up a good part of their lives to fight and defend our country. Whether they're just starting or they've been members for years, we show them our gratitude on Veterans Day. The Yakima Valley is doing just that, there are plenty of places for Veterans to take advantage of deals and get free meals.

Of course, we would love to help you find those deals whether it be discounts on clothing or anything else you might need. We also know that big businesses are offering discounts while small businesses are doing the same and going above and beyond to give back to our veterans. You can see all the big businesses offering them free meals and discounts by following this link below.

Discounts from big brands for Veterans 

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3.) Applebees

Apple Bees will be offering a free Entree to any active or past duty military personnel. Just present your military I.D at your table and the staff will handle the rest. This offer only stands for Friday, November 11th.

2.) Norms of Yakima

Norms of Yakima is a local favorite and they're showing their gratitude to the troops in a big way. Whether you're former military or on active duty, you can get your free meal from 11 am to 10 pm. They'll have a special menu already prepared for you, just show your military I.D to get yours.

1.) Yakima Steak Company

Come down to the Yakima Steak company and grab your free lunch, that's right from a special select menu, and you'll be able to choose your free lunch meal. However, it is first come first serve so you can either make a reservation online or over the phone.


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