Yakima Steak Company is giving back to the community in a big way, by having free lunch on Veterans day November 11th. How do you get this lunch, well lucky for you we're gonna let you know everything.

In order to get this free lunch you must have served in the United States military, that's right this is a special offer for any and all Veterans. This is an amazing way for them to give back to the community. We'll explain how you or that veteran in your life can claim their free meal.

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How to get the meal

In order to receive the meal you'll have to go in for the lunchtime meals. Yes, this meal is only a lunch meal but the lunch menu itself is immaculate and absolutely delicious so this is amazing and beats out Denny's free birthday breakfast any day. What you'll need is proof of service in the form of a Military I.D.

Make Reservations

The Yakima Steak Company can get booked up fast, showing up the day of may not be the best move, so you should make reservations ahead of time. You can do that online or give them a call. Find both ways below.

Phone number: (509)-571-1472

Make Reservations at Yakima Steak Company Online.

Let friends, family and others know about it.

Even if you don't qualify for the lunch you can let others know like friends and family, you may be surprised who know that has served or has someone close to them that has. It's important to remember and respect the sacrifice others have made to give us our freedom. Remember, freedom isn't free and will never be without those who fight for us.

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