Yakima Transit Shuttlebuses will be providing FREE Park and Ride service to State Fair Park all ten days of the 2015 Central Washington Fair.
Shuttlebuses will run continuously from the Park and Ride location at Gateway Center with the bus stop located north of Office Max and across from the Visitors Center and ride directly to the front gates of the fairgrounds.
Shuttlebuses begin operating a half hour prior to the Fair opening each day and end 30 minutes after the Fair closes each night.
Shuttlebus Service Hours by Day
Beginning Departure                                             Ending Departure
From Gateway Center                                          from Fairgrounds

Friday, September 25      10:30 am                              11:30 pm
Saturday, September 26    10:30 am                                11:30 pm
Sunday, September 27        10:30 am                                  10:30 pm
Monday, September 28         10:30 am                                    10:30 pm
Tuesday, September 29        10:30 am                                     10:30 pm
Wednesday, September 30  10:30 am                                     10:30 pm
Thursday, October 1            10:30 am                                    10:30 pm
Friday, October 2                   10:30 am                                       11:30 pm
Saturday, October 3              10:30 am                                      11:30 pm
Sunday, October 4                10:30 am                                        9:30 pm
*All regular bus routes and schedules will operate normally throughout the Fair with standard fares being charged.
*The #6 Fair Ave./No. 4st St. route also serves the Fairgrounds at least hourly from the Downtown Transit Center until 6:25 pm.
*Due to the Sunfair Parade on Saturday morning, September 26th, bus service on all routes will start at 12:45 p.m. Shuttlebuses will not be affected by the parade and will run their scheduled service that day.
The Yakima Transit information number is 575-6175.
Fair Shuttlebus information will also be posted on the Yakima Transit website at yakimatransit.org.

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