Prime spot
I have to admit it. When it comes to parking, I would rather walk a little bit than pay a big price. Unless it is for a safety reason, and then I might pay a little. But $300,000? Not a chance in heck. But there is a spot in Brooklyn, N.Y., that was sold most recently for $300,000 -- for just O…
KATS Hall of Fame
Each week we look for KATS listeners who are record setters in their little corner of the world. Check back often as we update this blog entry with the biggest, smallest, most & least in the most trivial of categories.
Paid The Most For Parking In A Single Day: Inspired by the $100 a lot in L…
Rams vs. Seahawks Parking
I went to the first NFL game in Los Angeles in 22 years. As a Rams fan I just couldn't miss it and now I have a memory that will last forever. I was surrounded by Seahawks fans who bought tickets on resale websites and were commenting on how expensive everything in L...
No Fare to Fair
If you are planning on heading to the Central Washington State Fair but don't want to hassle with parking AND want to save a few shekels for an extra corn dog, check out the FREE shuttle service being offered by Yakima Transit.
What To Do When Someone Steals Your Parking Spot
This has happened to us all. We see the perfect parking spot and, as we're closing in on it, some jerk speeds in and takes it knowing full well that we had every intention of using that parking spot. Here's a frame-by-frame recap of something like that and how they got back at him.