Listen, you don’t want to piss off Godzilla. Not only is he a giant monstrous lizard who could stop you to dust and whack you to bits with a swish of his tail, but the dude’s got some seriously nasty fire breath. We saw him use his atomic breath on one of the MUTO monsters in Gareth Edwards’ 2014 film, and now he’s back at it again in the sequel.

Entertainment Weekly has the first set of photos from the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the follow-up to 2014’s GodzillaIn the first photo, we get a look at the towering lizard letting his atomic breath rip. Is he blasting another monster? Some poor innocent humans? Maybe he’s just showing off. Either way, he looks upset so please don’t bother him.

The sequel, from Krampus director Michael Dougherty, will find Godzilla facing off with a trio of beasts including insect Mothra, the winged Rodan, and ultimate archenemy, King Ghidorah, who has three heads – easy peasy! Doughtery teased that Rodan in particular is even more powerful than the titular beastie. “He’s like this winged A-bomb.” And the atomic breath teased in the new photo? Apparently that arrives during a key moment in the movie.

The new film will be set five years after Edwards’ 2014 reboot and will reflect the widespread panic that followed the monster showdown at the end of the movie. “The world is reacting to Godzilla in the same way we would react to any other terrifying incident, in that we are overreacting,” Dougherty told the magazine. (Can you really overreact to massive fire-breathing monsters destroying your world? I dunno.) He also teased how the movie will connect to the rest of Legendary’s MonsterVerse and lead into Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong. You'll want to keep an eye out for some Kong bread crumbs.

Vera Farmiga will star in the film as paleobiologist Dr. Emma Russell, who the actress awesomely described as a “DJ for the monsters.” Wait, what? Is Vera Farmiga going to DJ a monster rave because if so I am in. “She has figured out a way to communicate with the creatures and potentially control them using their bioacoustics on a sonar level,” she recently told Metro US. Vera Farmiga, Monster Whisperer.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters also stars Millie Bobby Brown (the girl is good with scary creatures!) and Kyle Chandler. It hits theaters May 31, 2019.

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