For those who have opened their voting ballots, you might have seen a name when looking through the choices for next governor of Washington state that popped out at you when scanning the 30+ different choices. That name is GoodSpaceGuy! Now in a world where "Deez Nutz" can run and actually gain ground in a presidential election (2016), many people will just see the wacky name and vote for it. I was like that! In the past I've done write-ins for Mickey Mouse, Luke Skywalker, even Deez Nutz!

Some would say "you're throwing your vote away", and to those people, if you're not voting for the people they want, you are throwing your vote away. For me, it was sending a statement. Whatever your reason, hopefully you informed yourself & voted. The first time I I saw his name, I did a double take and laughed, but I decided to learn a little bit about who could be our next leader, and I wanted to pass on that info to you, in case he decides to run again (which he probably will).


According to Wikipedia, Michael George Nelson, legally changed his name to GoodSpaceGuy in 2006. GoodSpaceGuy has ran for public office many times including for U.S. senator and Washington governor. He's run as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Trump Republican Party, and as a candidate of the non-existent "Employmentwealth Party." He views himself as an amateur economist with a business background. His political positions generally revolve around his support for... you guessed it, space!

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