You've seen the signs around Yakima urging you to vote for the EMS levy. Yakima Firefighters are hoping for your support for the Emergency Medical Service Levy that funds important training and equipment. Fire officials in the West Valley Fire Department say it's not a new levy. Voters are being asked to renew the EMS Levy at a rate of 25-cents per $1,000 of assessed property.

Firefighters are busy all the time answering calls 24/7

They say Renewing the EMS Levy will ensure the continued level of emergency medical and trauma care by local fire departments throughout Yakima County. The firefighters are busy 24 hours a day 7 days a week answering upwards of 20,000 medical emergencies every year. The reason for constant equipment and training upgrades which the levy funds. The levy dollars also cover the costs of certifying firefighters as Emergency Medical Technicians. That allows firefighters to be qualified to treat patients rather than just transporting them to an area hospital.

The funding helps train firefighters and the money is dedicated

West Valley fire officials also say EMS Levy funds also support the Yakima County Department of EMS, which provides training, continuing medical education, EMS certifications and quality assurance throughout the County.
The funds are dedicated.
The law requires that EMS Levy funds can only be used for emergency medical care, medical training, and supplies to provide EMS and rescue operations.
You'll see the issue on the November Ballot.

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