So, Governor Jay Inslee just cancelled Thanksgiving. Now, I’m just spit-balling here, but I am going to assume he is going to cancel Christmas as well. Time will tell.

I am all about being safe and being responsible, but I am hearing from those of you are just plain fed-up. Gov. Inslee has asked us to cancel our Thanksgiving plans this year in an effort to curb ‘Rona. He is also saying to “not expect state police to come knocking on your door if you violate this order”. Common sense says all orders will eventually have the use force for compliance. Again, time will tell.

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For Thanksgiving 2020, as part of Inslee's "orders", we are being asked to “avoid large gatherings”, “to eat less” and "don't hang out too long and watch tv”. Instead of hanging with family and friends, Gov Inslee wants you to stay home and suffer to help curb 'Rona – regardless of your right to peacefully assemble.

We are big fans of informing the masses and letting them assume and risk based on thier own interest. We do it all the time. Every time we go outside, we take a risk. Every time you get in your car, you take a risk. In life, there are many times where you will incur some sort of risk. The big one? Life itself is risk. 

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Everywhere I go, I see EVERYONE wearing a mask. Supposedly we got to Phase 2 as a reward for doing being good citizens. So what is there left to do? What steps can we take in order to mitigate this pest that is not going away? Should we start wearing two masks? How about three? A very under reported study claims that 85% of mask wearers were infected with Covid. Read more here.

What we do know works is continued hand washing and keeping yourself and your environment clean along with distancing and using common sense.

So, are you going to still gather together with friends and family for Thanksgiving? Will you defy the order? Knowing this goes against the Governor’s Inslee's orders? Love to hear your thoughts.


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