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So the big Turkey dinner is done. Your family has all retired for the afternoon. You’ve cleaned up the dishes and put the table back into its spot. Put away all the fancy placemats your aunt got you for Christmas last year. The house is back to normal after the mashed potato and gravy with turkey tornado known as Thanksgiving. Your life is getting back to normal. The wish you won when you and your family member broke the wishbone has come true. Thanksgiving is over. The madness has calmed down. What’s next? You might as well get in gear for the next stage of craziness, the shopping season.

You could wait till the butt crack of dawn on Friday morning to go out. But it’s going to be extra cold, extra dark, and extra people-ly tomorrow. Plus, you’re feeling horrible about the 5th helping of stuffing you ate. You might as well get up and do some walking. So you decide to head out and get a jump start on Christmas shopping. The stores will do what they’re going to do whether you shop on a holiday or not. So, you might as well shop. Just keep in mind that more and more stores ARE closing for the holiday. So, you might not want to head to these stores on Thanksgiving unless you’re looking for a quiet, empty parking lot to spend your holiday.


11 Yakima Stores Closing The Doors On Thanksgiving Day


Shoppers Get Early Start To Holiday Shopping On Annual Black Friday
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Best Buy
Home Depot

Big-Box Retailer Costco To Announce First Quarter Earnings
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If you are planning on hitting the stores on Thanksgiving, you might as well check out which stores are open in our article: 9 Yakima Stores Bringing The Savings On Thanksgiving Day.

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