Picture this, you're sitting at home, playing video games, eating pepperoni pizza, eating potato chips. You go to make the killing uppercut in Mortal Kombat, sealing victory for your online faction, but your thumb slides to far up! Doesn't hit B, but instead Y and you screw up the move doing just a normal high punch, allowing Johnny Cage to drop and do a splits ball punch causing you to lose. You get so mad you stand up in anger and rage, squeezing your controller so hard that it slides out of your hand. The controller soars through the air, picking up speed as it slams right into your flat screen TV. The TV breaks and falls from your shelf only to land on your cat, electrocuting little Fluffy (long haired) and causing a fire. Yes Fluffy has 9 lives, and has used up all of them as he runs around lighting the house on fire. Oh it gets worse, you try to escape, but you're in the basement, the flames go higher, the house starts to crumble around you, burying you alive, and your last thought in your mind as you take that final breath, is of the old hidden pop up from the original Mortal Kombat game... "toasty".

Now that is a worst case scenario, but the main thing that would have saved your TV, Cat, House, LIFE would be either a paper towel, or better yet, a GREASE PROOF CONTROLLER! Well worry not friends, Xbox Australia has released the first ever XBox One controller that has a special grease/oil resistant coating. Only about 200 are being made and released, so act fast. More details you can check out the video below or the Xbox Facebook Page.


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