I was having a discussion with a friend recently. He was saying that every time he goes into a store to purchase a gun or some ammo he always gets put on a waiting list. 'Really?" I asked. 'Is it really that hard to find .22 shells? Or other ammo?"

Apparently it is. My friend at Yakima Arms said that he has people stand in line when they know .22 shells have just come in.

That is what convinced me to start this weekly report. From now on I will keep you up on local availability of guns and ammo.

Why the lines for .22 shells? Are they not the most popular of shells:? You would think that we would have an endless supply.

Not the case. The government has used the brass for billions of other guns to supply our troops, so this is why the brass is in demand for our personal use. (There is more to this story but my purpose is to let you know where and when to get guns and ammo.)

Below are places in Yakima where you can buy guns and ammo -- and .22 shells, at the moment. I have provided their addresses and numbers so you can check in with them on what you are seeking.

Yakima Arms

Joe Hozjan (gun sales)

2401 W. J St. Suite B, Yakima

Phone: 509-248-5995

Tactical Supply

Shayne Downing (gun sales) Eric Johnson (gun sales) Jesse Maxwell (gun sales)

1701 Garritson Lane, Yakima, WA

Phone: (509) 969-1707


Grumpy's Outdoor Supply

2318 S. First St., Yakima

Phone: (509)-452-0868

Hammer's Outdoor World

4211 Main St.
Union Gap
Phone: (509) 248-3474
Email: Hammersoutdoor@gmail.com

Best Way Pawn

Phone: 509-248-3421

Brandon Mabry and Diane Mabry

22 S First St.

There is a 'Sporting 22's' event coming up this weekend. at Sun Targets east of Moxee.

This Sunday, May 4th, we are shooting. The weather will be beautiful, ammo is not in THAT short of supply and there is no upcoming holiday or game to prevent you from coming out to have a good time. So then, see you there.


1000 start for the early risers.  1400 start for the practicing Christians (wink)


 Shoot both if you have no life or a VERY accommodating wife.

Keep checking back weekly to this post to find our more on guns, ammo and events happening in Yakima Valley.