38 Years ago today, my mom was screaming at my dad to never touch her again! Well, if that's not a cause to celebrate, that I do not know what is. There are many birthday songs,  some traditional, some in Spanish while I eat my tacos, some done by Weird Al (below), some done in the tune of Christmas music... but this (video above) is by far the most epic! Thank you to good friend & KATS alumni Ron Harris for sharing this with me!!! I shared this song last year, and I'm glad this is catching on, I've had two listeners send this to me already this year! Thanks Mandy & Evan!

Side note: Because I learned the hard way, this video is on YouTube, SAFE! The Video itself has a website at the end where you can go and see all the birthday songs they have done, or even pay to create your own special/unique name. If you do decide to visit their website, make sure you have a good malware blocker on your computer before you go adventuring. The company did an awesome job on these birthday cards, but holy crap my virus protector was in overdrive.

If you are sharing a birthday with me today, don't forget these places, where you can get special birthday perks!

Here's my other favorite, birthday song... the great "Weird Al" Yankovic's Happy Birthday!


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